Service / Transparent billing

Straightforward billing thanks to serialized carrier.

  • Comprehensible path and length of stay of each load carrier
  • Cost-transparent representations retrievable at any time
  • Accurate billing of individual positions
  • Complete transparency
  • Contractually fixed charges

Transparent returnable transport carrier management system with more benefits.

Each reusable load carrier is provided with a world-overlapping number : Data on the status of the logistics from the delivery up to the collection of returnable load carriers are accurately detected, including timestamps, staging, retention times and job assignments - the path of each plastic pallet is reproducible! The collected data provide the basis for fully transparent monthly billing of contractually fixed charges on the services used. The cost transparent representation also provides information on positions that can be optimised in the supply chain and are available, upon request, to customers of the Zentek Pool System free of charge thanks to EPCIS.