Service / Rent instead of purchase

When you rent, you use reusable load carriers with added value.

  • Rent plastic pallets, instead of buying load carriers
  • No capital commitment, no contract terms
  • Stocking, quality control and exchange processes are eliminated
  • Effortlessly map seasonal variations
  • Attractive conditions, accurate day-by-day invoicing

Make profitable use of all the advantages without cost risk and capital commitment as needed.

The Zentek pool system makes the desired number of reusable load carriers available and collects them again at the agreed time after being used. The reusable load carriers are then cleaned and repaired if necessary. The agreed rent for the exact use is invoiced. This system provides the user with absolutely attractive cost structuring. The reasons are obvious: The acquisition of in-house reusable load carriers? Not applicable. Bound to contract terms? Not applicable. The stocking of reusable load carriers? Not applicable. Time spent on quality control and exchange? Not applicable. Loss caused by damage? Not applicable. Instead, it allows using the benefits of more efficient conditions and the mapping of seasonal fluctuations. Rent instead of buy!