Service / Pooling

The best possible pool system as module and end-to-end solution

  • Already from small quantities
  • Plastic pallet available throughout Europe
  • No tied-up capital
  • Pool system services individually available
  • Impeccable condition permanently guaranteed

Reduced expenditure, maximised performance and efficiency

The Zentek pool system delivers plastic pallets in any quantity and quality – on time and throughout Europe, including collection! Stocking, exchange, capital commitment and damage problems are all eliminated. The Zentek pool system users order, load, deliver – and can concentrate on their core business. The Zentek pool system can be used in its different module levels: Logistics, cleaning as per agreed intensity, IT and invoicing. Type and degree of utilisation of the modules can be freely selected, the Zentek pool system can be used as needed. The plastic pallet can be collected at all points of the pool system. Or pass through and optimise the entire supply chain as a traditional end-to-end solution: In any case, the Zentek pool system guarantees its customers a precisely predictable framework for the individually used services.

The needs-based tailor-made solution: stay flexible and independent

The first-rate modular service portfolio on which the Zentek pool system of reusable load carrier is based is a combination of quality and flexibility: The quantity, location, time and cleaning intensity of the plastic pallet is individually adjustable according to expenditure and as desired. This way the Zentek pool system provides a fully transparent and high degree of variability through the serialisation of the plastic pallet and the resulting possible seamless reporting structure. Invoicing can be selected accordingly as required: exactly per day or fixed price. The Zentek pool system offers every user the optimally customised solution.