Service / IOT Technology

Efficient logistics in Industry 4.0: Zentek in the Internet of Things.

  • Load carrier management and indoor navigation
  • Smarter logistics through IOT parameters
  • Equipped for automated processes
  • Unmistakable GS1 serialisation
  • Barcode, Data Matrix, RFID

Rapid developments create new possibilities. The plastic pallet is equipped.

The progress in the use of the Internet of Things opens new opportunities to logistics to optimise individual processes and costs. In IOT, objects equipped with "intelligence" can communicate with each other, and autonomously – without human assistance – make decisions and initiate actions. One well-known example is the printing press which reports the low level of its cartridges to an ordering system and so autonomously ensures that the cartridges are replaced. The plastic pallet meets all the requirements for the IOT and its possibilities. As the basis of constantly optimising carrier management, it sheds light on the route, whereabouts, stocking and weight. Serialisation and unmistakable identification make effective improvement options apparent and profitably utilised.

It could all be easier and simpler. With IOT and the Zentek plastic pallet it is.

But the plastic pallet can do even more. As an option, your sophisticated sensor equipment can be expanded according to customer requirements. This augments the parameterisation of logistically valuable data once more: Room temperature, humidity, vibration and other information can be recorded and continuously provide important insights on at what specific points of the supply chain cost-efficient advantages can be implemented. An example: Indoor navigation. The transponder integrated in the plastic pallet enables the accurate tracking and tracing of the reusable load carrier together with stocking in large buildings such as train stations, airports, department stores, shopping malls, industrial buildings, office complexes and trade fairs. Unlike GPS, accurately per floor. Processes dovetail more easily, paths become shorter, supply chains become faster.