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The new standard for the optimisation of business processes: EPCIS.

  • Use in global logistics and demand chains
  • Recording and evaluation of crucial parameters
  • Efficiency-maximising control of the supply chain
  • Compatible with IT systems across companies
  • Revenue-generating added value

One code system, numerous options for more performance-intensive logistics.

The "Electric Product Code Information Services" – short EPCIS – is the standardisation of data traffic within the company-wide value chain, from raw material suppliers to the retail market. Developed by the leading international organisation for the optimisation of logistics and supply chains "Global Standard One", complete existing systems, such as GTIN, GRAI and SSCC, for example, can easily be used by using the EPCIS technologies. The EPCIS captures and puts parameters together, and enables evaluation, correction and optimisation at the respective critical points: Controlling, ERP systems, supply chain, production and quality management become more efficient. EPCIS is the standard in the Zentek pool system with serialised, constantly detectable reusable load carrier and forms the basis for the development of successive automation.