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HACCP for safe and clean use of reusable load carriers.

  • Zentek pool system is HACCP compliant
  • Cleaning and quality control according to HACCP
  • Trendsetting for hygiene-sensitive companies in the EU
  • Hygiene management usable as a modular service
  • Supports “IFS Food" and "IFS Logistic"

Hygiene management including HACCP, IFS Food and IFS Logistics.

According to the EU Hygiene Regulation, producers, salespeople and traders in the food industry are encouraged to observe the HACCP directives when introducing foods to the European Union or when bringing it on the market. HACCP covers both the intensive cleaning of the reusable load carriers to ensure their use for food without reservation and their safe handling. The properties of the Zentek plastic pallet and the Zentek pool system provide ideal possibilities. The effective implementation of the HACCP hygiene management ensures the traceability of careful production processes and the impeccable quality of the goods. With the modularly usable service "cleaning according to HACCP directives”, the Zentek Pool System provides clear competitive advantages. Including compliance with the established “IFS Food" and "IFS Logistics" certifications in the food retail industry.