Sectors / Trade

Calculation is simply better with durable dimensional stability.

  • Permanent tare weight
  • Designed for automated processes
  • Resistant dimensional stability, high quality
  • No stocking, no exchange necessary
  • Clearly identifiable, clear allocation

Optimised for increased sales, handling and customer satisfaction.

The combination of plastic pallet and pool system offers profitable benefits. Processes such as automated order picking run smoothly at the best possible utilisation of modern high-bay warehouse and conveyor technology in Industry 4. 0. Based on the key benefits of resistant dimensional stability, sustainable profitability is ensured. The plastic pallet always remains unaffected by external influences: Humidity, temperature or moisture neither change their volume nor their weight. The plastic pallet delivers what it promises: 17 kg dead weight. There are no splinters or metal pins that might interfere. Mechanical and manual steps run cleaner, simpler, better. In addition to a lower risk of injury, the noise level also drops significantly. And the high quality of the plastic pallet simply catches the eye on the sales floor.

Equipped with promotional activities.

Trade can record noticeable savings with use of the plastic pallet and Zentek pool system. And stocking in-house reusable load carriers is not necessary. Exchange and quality control also become superfluous. In addition, the Zentek pool system works without tying up capital on the part of the customer. Only the exact usage and the selectable services of the Zentek pool system, which can be taken up individually and modular, such as the level of cleaning intensity, are invoiced. The plastic pallet fitted with transponders is labelled throughout Europe without overlap by the numbering according to the GS1 standard. This allows sophisticated campaign management with advanced features. Evaluated parameters enable accurate allocation along the supply chain. Out-of-stock problems are minimised, revenues increased.