Sectors / Pharmaceutical industry

The EU pharmaceutical directive becomes mandatory. We assist with the implementation.

  • Supports the Pharmaceutical Directive EU/2011/62
  • Seamless verification
  • Fewer processing steps
  • Goods uniquely identifiable
  • Supports comprehensive piracy protection

Zero-overlap serialising by Zentek pool system keeps pharmaceutical industry on track.

The European Pharmaceutical Directive EU/2011/62 shall soon apply. The statutory, seamless verification management in manufacturing and supply of pharmaceutical products is becoming mandatory. This can already be complied with. The innovative solution of Zentek pool system features a zero-overlap comprehensive serialisation code. Barcodes of the pharmaceutical product packaging are packed on the plastic pallet and "married” to their serialisation. The result is perfectly identifiable, irritation-free serialisation codes to ensure one hundred per cent tracking and tracing. Fakes and counterfeits can be detected and localised before they are traded throughout Europe. As required by the Pharmaceutical Directive EU/2011/62.

Transparency, safety, reliability. Without administrative expenses and one hundred per cent.

The Zentek pool system provides the pharmaceutical industry with a comprehensive, innovative total package of services from A to Z. In this compact form, it covers any operational handling requirements for logistics services in accordance with the Pharmaceutical Directive EU/2011/62 across companies on behalf of the user: from the perfect load carrier, maintenance, stocking and availability, through compliance with the relevant hygiene requirements and the software-controlled sensor options. Based on its complete and transparent service portfolio, the Zentek pool system takes care of the investment as well as the purchase or recovery of used load carriers if necessary. The user has no capital commitment to make. Continuous development also ensures sustainability as the status quo for the users of the Zentek pool system.