Sectors / Logistics service providers

Logistics services for in-house customers: Partial or full – always profitable!

  • Pool system is flexibly adaptable
  • Services individually accessible
  • Customer demands can be implemented quickly
  • Small quantities available
  • Modules can be tested by arrangement

Access, use, invoice service as required. Without additional obligation.

Every service from the Zentek pool system can be accessed and used for in-house customers as required with a few days lead time. Throughout Europe, across industries, regardless of time and place. Sender of the services used is the client company. Zentek pool system has no contact with the end customer. There are no additional obligations over and above the desired service. Invoiced only the module used is invoiced as ordered: The equipment of the plastic pallet, the maintenance, the cleaning, the level of hygiene, the use of the software system – all modules can be freely selected. Zentek pool system takes care of the tasks that are desired. Reliable and fast. The advantages are obvious Minimum expenditure and maximum flexibility. No need for own investments while retaining the maximum use of resources and calculable usability. Zentek pool system makes the most modern logistics equipment permanently available.

The future of logistics is available. You only have to choose.

With the option of ordering individual modules, users of the Zentek pool system are always competitive regardless of the contracted volume. With the integrated services, users offer their customers a portfolio on the latest state of logistics. The constant development of the Zentek pool system ensures that this applies to current and future demands in the market. The IFS-certified, zero-overlap serialised plastic pallet and their customisable features allow the extensive use today and in the future of the advantages offered by the Internet Of Things. In the progressive digitisation of the supply chain logistics valuable parameters that significantly contribute to simplification and effectiveness become clear: Costs are minimised and revenues increased with little expenditure. Factors that are already profitably used by well-known companies such as the logistics company DSV for the drugstore chain DM.