Sectors / Food producers

Cost-saving potential: proven, guaranteed, profitable.

  • Complies with the IFS Food standards
  • According to the strictest hygiene regulations
  • Saves time, saves space, saves labour
  • Guaranteed availability on demand
  • Impeccable service, safe logistics

Manufacturers benefit from the reliable strengths of the Zentek pool system.

With the Zentek pool system, material cost and the workflow become more reasonable and more cost-efficient as many elements are eliminated: Acquisition of in-house reusable load carriers, stocking for exchange, quality and incoming goods inspections, cleaning or repacking. In addition, the Zentek pool system furnishes its customers with the attributes "reliable", "HACCP compliant" and "quality conscious". Important competitive factors whose profit optimum multiply when all in the supply chain sign up – from upstream suppliers to the food producers. The Zentek pool system also shows its cost-efficient strengths in its modularity. To customers, entry is already worthwhile in the use of individually selected services. 

Perfect supply and quality for more safety in production and logistics.

With its services, Zentek Pool System ensures the reliable supply of load carriers – throughout Europe! Depending on requirements, the quantities can be increased or decreased with only a few days advance notice. For the customer, this means true flexibility. The plastic pallet with its excellent properties is always available: cleaned, ready for use, ready to be packed. The Zentek pool system guarantees impeccable condition as well as compliance with the hygiene guidelines when the pallet is cleaned beforehand. The reliable plastic pallet meets the certified IFS Food provisions. Your sensor equipment, optionally expandable, allows you to communicate on the Internet of Things, which offers manufacturers and dealers offers numerous possibilities to increase efficiency in sales and workflow.