Products / Plastic Pallet

The true all-rounder among plastic pallets

  • State-of-the-art load carrier in Euro format
  • HACCP compliant, always available
  • Ideal for serialised, automated and manual processes
  • Extremely robust, extremely lightweight, consistently TARE
  • Compatible across companies

Designed according to the requirements and specifications of leading manufacturers, suppliers and retailers

The Zentek plastic pallet is the sign of progress. No other solution on the market combines so many advantages that can be exploited profitably in a modern supply chain. Your equipment sets benchmarks as the new standard of modern logistics. Made in Germany in the Euro format by the plastics experts of Georg Utz GmbH. With its strengths, the Zentek plastic pallet perfectly fits into existing processes across companies, splinter and blockage free. Its peak values speak for themselves: the fibreglass-reinforced plastic carries a static load of 4,000 kg and 1,500 kg in a high-bay warehouse. Its low height automatically makes no-load transports more efficient. Its constant tare weight of only 17 kg provides for consistent TARE determination. Several handgrips enable easy ergonomic handling. The deck is equipped with anti-slip elastomers and without limiting stacking edges and central box.For full surface area utilisation and ensuring hygiene standards.

Industry 4.0 inside – distinctively configured, transparent and future-proof

Every Zentek plastic pallet is fitted with a GRAI according to GS1 standard. A serialised, globally zero-overlap code, which makes the reusable load carrier and the products unequivocally identifiable at any time. The GRAI is read via barcode, Data Matrix and RFID. Corresponding robust transponders are built into the Zentek plastic pallet. With this equipment the Zentek plastic pallet is well prepared for further developments in sensor technology as well as the automation of the supply chain and offers its users face future security.