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Optical data storage for the identification of objects. A barcode consists of several broad black bars and spaces. The data processed in a barcode can be read automatically with optical reading devices and processed electronically. Different types are in existence. Zentek load carriers lead the GRAI as bar code of type GS1 128. For further information see


"Leuchtfeuer" (is the German term). Mini transmitter with its own power source, that transmits information in regular intervals or upon request. The transmission takes place via Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). The transmission range varies depending on the beacon and the surrounding area between, by about ten (10) and fifty (50) meters.


2D code for the identification of objects. Compared to one-dimensional codes, the information is encoded in a very compact rectangular or square surface as a pattern of dots, so that more information can be transported. Zentek load carriers lead the GRAI as type GS1 data matrix. For further information


Global Returnable Asset Identifier. Clearly, globally unique identification number for identifying reusable load carriers. For further information


Worldwide positioned organization to design, improve and promote standards for optimizing the value chain. Identification and classification numbers of GS1 support companies from procurement through logistics to sales. Examples: GLN, GTIN, GRAI, EPCIS. For further information


Hazard analysis and critical control points. A system for the identification, evaluation and management of significant risks to food safety.

IFS Food

IFS is one of the Global Food Safety Initiative (GFSI) recognized standard for auditing food manufacturers. Here, it's all about food safety and the quality of processes and products. For further information

IFS Logistics

A standard for companies, which provide logistics services such as transportation and storage of food (packed/unpacked). For further information

Indoor navigation

Navigation systems are usually based on GPS and are suitable only for exterior areas. Due to poor reception and existent tolerances,  GPS is not usable inside of buildings. Understood as indoor navigation is the precisely targeted IT-based navigation/guidance in enclosed spaces. A functional indoor navigation can be realized based on proven signals and transmission technologies such as Bluetooth (BLE + Beacons), WiFi and/or ultra-wideband. For further information  


Radio frequency identification. Wireless operating process for the automatic marking and identification of objects and living beings. A RFID system consists of a transponder, which is located on or in the object or living organisms and includes an identifying code, as well as a Reader for reading this code. Zentek load carriers are equipped with passive RFID transponders in the UHF frequency range (865-869 MHz). For further information


The ZEPRA load carrier management system Zentek is a portal-based software for real-time tracking of serialized carriers of any kind. By pressing a button, users of this system are in the position to generate inventory information, which is vital to a significant increase of the transparency of their logistic processes.

The Zentek load carrier management system supports various hybrid identification technologies, from simple barcode scanners to highly automated RFID systems.

The Zentek carrier management system is based on existing data and labelling standards of GS1.